What Story Does This Tell?

There’s an old saying that “every picture tells a story.” I think some paintings are better at storytelling than others, because they spark more questions in my mind than answers. Here’s an example of such a painting: The piece is … Continue reading

A Regency Christmas Tree for You

There’s a long-held tenet in the romance community that people of the Regency Era didn’t have Christmas trees as part of their Christmas celebrations. That’s correct. In general. But the truth is that long before Queen Victoria and Prince Albert … Continue reading

A Jigsaw Puzzle for You!

It’s National Puzzle Day. If you’re like me and enjoy solving puzzles of all kinds, here’s one of the jigsaw variety. This puzzle will reveal a scene that might be in the beginning chapter of a Regency or Austen-inspired romance. … Continue reading

Bike to Work, Regency Style

Today is Bike to Work Day in Colorado. In honor of the day, I’m re-reading Frederica by Georgette Heyer. Why re-read Frederica? Reason Number One: It’s a darn good book. I love to read stories in which one or more of … Continue reading

Eeewww, Grose!

Captain Robert Grose published his Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue in 1798, and Regency-era aficionados have been using it to bring life and a little sass to their stories and articles ever since. The next time you settle down for … Continue reading

When a Prince Turns 21

I have a friend whose daughter will turn 21 in about a month. They’re busily planning multiple parties: one for said daughter and her friends, and a second party for the family to celebrate the event together. With all the … Continue reading