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6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Nancy,
    I’ve just finished reading “Miss Hamilton’s Hero,” and just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed it. A lovely light-hearted amusing read. I’ve put a review on Amazon, and will do so on Goodreads too.
    Best wishes
    Dawn Harris

  2. Hello,

    I just finished Mary and the Captain, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After reading it, I was intrigued by the dynamic between Miss Bingley and Mr. Penrose. Is there a possibility of a book or sub-plot in your novel about Kitty including them? If so, I look forward to it! (and if not, perhaps you might consider it?)

    Best Regards,

    • Laura, I’m so glad you enjoyed the book and liked the budding relationship between Caroline and Mr. Penrose. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’ve been working on a sequel to Mary and the Captain that will focus on their attraction to each other. The story is still in the draft stage (I’m a slow writer), but I’ll soon be posting chapters for readers to view and comment on. Please stay tuned for updates; and thank you for letting me know how much you liked the book. Your words are very encouraging! All the best to you, Nancy

  3. I just discovered Mary and the Captain, and absolutely loved your book. When might we expect the sequel? I am so looking forward to this continuing story.

    • Lynne, thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the book! I wrote a sequel some time ago, but I tabled it because I felt it was missing a “something” I couldn’t put my finger on. I do plan to get back to work on it soon so everyone can catch up with Daniel, Caroline, Mr. Penrose, and (of course) Mary and Robert. I’ll post updates here on my blog so you’ll know when it’s ready to publish. Thanks again for your kind comments about Mary and the Captain!

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