What Story Does This Tell?

There’s an old saying that “every picture tells a story.” I think some paintings are better at storytelling than others, because they spark more questions in my mind than answers. Here’s an example of such a painting: The piece is … Continue reading

Jane Austen’s Social Media

I originally published this post on a Jane Austen related site in 2018. I hope you enjoy it! Sometimes I think the best part of writing Regency-era fiction is the research I get to do. There’s nothing I like better … Continue reading

The Art of J.M.W. Turner

I find inspiration for my writing in many things. Snippets of overheard conversations, news articles, and reading books from an historical time period are all things that inspire me. I’m also inspired by viewing art pieces that depict the Regency … Continue reading

In Service to the Sovereign

I’m in the middle of reading a Regency spy series that I’m enjoying very much. I’ve always had an interest in stories that feature a hero or heroine who works on behalf of the sovereign, and this series fits the … Continue reading