My Regency-inspired Calendar

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the Internet, looking for images I could use in the planning calendar I was setting up for the new year.

Luck was on my side. I found these images that made up a hanging wall calendar from 1901.

Regency couple dancing. Above reds: Ye Days of Long Ago calendar for 1901. Below them reads "Take from my mouth the wish of happy years." Shakespeare.

Each page has a three month calendar with a very odd layout that makes me scratch my head. Have you ever seen a calendar with days and dates arranged like this:

But I can ignore the crazy calendar because the illustrations are spot-on. They’re just what I was looking for.

Image of young woman bowing and smiling. Above reads: "Fortune with benignant hand Fills to the brim thy cup of happiness, Whilst her unclouded sun Illumes thy summer day." Robert Southey.

Of the four illustrations, two feature couples tripping the light fantastic. Here’s the illustration for the summer months of July through September:

Image of regency couple dancing. Above them reads: "O'er roses may your footsteps move, Your smiles be ever smiles of love, Your tears be tears of joy!" Byron.

And two feature just the ladies in their ballroom finery. This one covers the last three months of the year:

Young lady gathers her long skirts up in one hand and holds out her shawl in another. Above reads: "Fresh roses o'er thee the careless years shall fling; While days and nights shall new delights To sense and fancy bring." Charles Kingsley.

I like all the little details about their attire, such as the men’s shoes and fobs. I also like the ladies’ gloves and styles of gowns; and the trailing ribbons and shawls seem to give each figure a sense of movement.

So, I decided to use one illustration per week in my February calendar. Here’s my calendar for last week, before I filled it up with appointments, tasks, reminders, and things to do. 

I have lots of stencils and stickers I use to decorate my planner pages; but I have to say that my little Regency lady is the page decoration that makes me smile every time I see it.

What made you smile last week?

2 thoughts on “My Regency-inspired Calendar

  1. How lovely those pictures are! You could even give each of them a name from the Bennet sisters! LOL! I might have to look and see what the rest of the pictures from that 1901 calendar look like. What made me smile last week? I think I finally found a contractor to do a reno of our bathroom! Just waiting on the quote which he said I would have by the weekend at the latest! Hope you are well.

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