My New Favorite TV Show

My new favorite TV show is “Escape to the Country,” where Brit’s search for the perfect home to buy in rural UK. The homes are charming, the villages are quaint, and the scenery is stunning.

Photo of a small white cottage and outbuilding located on a green field with a small mountain behind.
Courtesy BBC.CO.UK

Some of the homes they tour are new, but the majority are old buildings (some date back to the 1600s), such as mills, churches, and even stables, that have been renovated for the way we live today.

Photo of a thatched room cottage beside a lake.
Courtesy BBC.CO.UK

Many of the homes have quirky little touches, like this Derbyshire home with a salvaged bell system that’s being used as a doorbell:

At the front door of a stone house, a man pulls the lever on a set of three bells mounted on the stone wall, while a man and woman watch.

And if you like timbered ceilings, gorgeous gardens, and rough-hewn wood floors, you’ll see plenty on the show.

Photo of a living or sitting room furnished with chair, sofa, tables, and television. In the center of the room is a large post that holds up a center beam that runs the length of the ceiling and has several perpendicular beams leading off of it.
Interior of a Northamptonshire home, courtesy Escape to the Country

But what I really love is the scenery. Many of the homes are nestled against backdrops of green rolling hills or stunning coastlines.

Two women walk through a green field near where cows are grazing. In the background is another green field with cows or sheep grazing and a fores of trees beyond.

If I were on the show, my American inclination would be to speak in exclamation points:

“Wow, that’s an incredible view! Amazing! Awesome! Gorgeous!”

Meanwhile, the Brit’s on the show look at the same views and say:

“Oh, yes, lovely aspect. Um-hmm, quite nice.”

And I LOVE them for it. Some of the people on the show are naturally shy and reticent (like the people in the episode below) while others exhibit that British stiff upper lip that I find a refreshing change from all the American brashness that surrounds me every day.

I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy the series so much. It’s calming and sweet, and I always learn a new bit of history or catch a lovely glimpse of village life I haven’t seen before.

Photo of a quaint village street with small cottages on the left and a stone wall on the right. In the background is green open landscape.

Have you watched “Escape to the Country”? What do you like best about the show?

3 thoughts on “My New Favorite TV Show

  1. I always enjoy Escape to the Country too. I have watched it for many years. So pleasant and interesting. My only complaint is that I wish they would ALWAYS say whether the people involved do actually buy a house. Sometimes they do, but mostly they don’t. I didn’t know it was being shown in America. Nice that it is. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

    • Happy New Year, Dawn! I like knowing whether they bought, too. Some of the properties seem to match the buyers’ criteria perfectly, so it’s surprising when they decide to continue their search. But then, I tend to fall in love with just about every house they show, so I can’t be objective.

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