A Jigsaw Puzzle for You!

It’s National Puzzle Day. If you’re like me and enjoy solving puzzles of all kinds, here’s one of the jigsaw variety. This puzzle will reveal a scene that might be in the beginning chapter of a Regency or Austen-inspired romance. … Continue reading

Take Two Pigeons and Call Me in the Morning

Inaccurate—and sometimes preposterous—news stories have been circulating since mankind first began stringing words together in a sentence. History shows that even reputable publications sometimes pick up questionable stories and run with them. To illustrate the point, here’s a news item … Continue reading

Now Available: One Dance with You

My Regency short story “One Dance with You” is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes! I enjoyed writing this story of a young woman who gives up on love, only to discover it again in a most unexpected place. … Continue reading