A Mansfield Park Puzzle for You

I love puzzles of all kinds: jigsaw puzzles that overtake my dining table, Sudoku puzzles of the fiendishly difficult variety, and those wordy logic puzzles where I have to figure out how many bakers got off the train in Philadelphia.

Every once in a while I like to create puzzles, too, and this Austen-themed word search puzzle is for you!

Mansfield Park cover

The puzzle contains 24 terms Jane Austen used to describe Lady Bertram in Mansfield Park.


  • Click on the puzzle image below to open the pdf file.
  • Circle each word as you find it.
  • Words may appear left to right, right to left, downward, upward, and diagonally.
  • Careful! Don’t scroll beyond page 1; page 2 contains the answers.

Pencils ready? Enjoy!

Word Search Lady Bertram_Page_1




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