Throwback Thursday: Coventry Romances

The early 1980s gave us shoulder pads, big hair, Laura Ashley florals and . . . Coventry Romances.  Published by Fawcett, the line included love stories set during the Georgian and Regency time periods of English history.

Joan Smith

I devoured these little gems when I was in high school. They averaged about 200-220 pages each, and I found them everywhere: bookstores, used bookstores, libraries, and garage sales.

Debt of Love

I’m going to guess that I’m not the only one who enjoyed these books. Search “Coventry Romance” on eBay and you’ll find a generous selection of Coventry Romance titles to choose from. Interestingly, I paid $1 each for many of the titles in my collection; they’re now going for about $5 each on eBay, which tells me there’s still a demand for these books.

Rachelle Edwards

How about you? Have you ever read a Fawcett Coventry Romance? Which title or author is your favorite?

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