It’s All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween is here and I’m ready to go. I have three of those big, warehouse-sized bags of candy to distribute to trick-or-treaters. Naturally, I’ve removed all of the Almond Joys; I need them to keep up my strength while I hand out the rest of the candy to the kids who knock on my door.

Candy Bowl

Like most holidays, Halloween can be inspiring to a writer. A few years ago, I wrote a Halloween-themed short story about a Regency kitten with some supernatural powers . . . at least, that’s what the heroine believed. It was a fun story to write, with a doubting lord, an over-imaginative heroine, and things that go bump in the night (literally!).

Cover_A Bewitching Minx 3 resizedOriginally included in a Zebra Regency anthology, the story is now available on Amazon, Nook, iTunes and other e-book outlets. If you scroll down you can read a brief preview.

I hope today’s celebration fires your imagination to write, dream of romance, create a great costume, or do what you love to do best!

Here’s the promised preview:


A Bewitching Minx

Sebastian Camerford, Lord Byefield looked into her eyes and knew he could not resist her. He had never been able to refuse her anything; not when she looked at him just so, with the light of anticipation in her eyes; not when she looked at him with that soft expression of pleading that had the power to melt his resolve as nothing else on earth could.

He should have scolded her. He should have explained to her in no uncertain terms that no female of his acquaintance was ever allowed to disrupt the solitude of his library. He should have told her how audacious and unladylike she was for daring to sit on his desktop, bringing her head level with his, looking him straight in the eye, as if she thought by doing so she could bend him to her will.

He should have done all those things, but he didn’t. Instead, his stern, gray eyes met her blue eyes and he forced his brows together in a slight frown. “A kitten?” he repeated, discouragingly.

His gruff demeanor didn’t fool her for a moment. She smiled slightly and returned his gaze with wide, unblinking eyes. “Yes, Uncle.”

“And what, may I ask, makes you think I wish to spend my afternoon looking for a stray kitten?”

“Because it is the dearest little thing,” she responded, with all the reasoning of a five-year-old. “I found it in your garden earlier and Mama said I might keep it, but when I tried to dress it properly for tea, it scampered away and I cannot find it anywhere!”

Since Sebastian was well acquainted with his niece’s penchant for dressing in human attire any animal unfortunate enough to come within her orbit, it came as no surprise to him that one of the poor creatures had tried to escape. “The kitten sounds a very ill-mannered guest. Perhaps you should consider having your tea without it, Mary.”

“No, Uncle, I cannot.” There was the merest trace of a pout about her lips. “Truly, it is the prettiest little kitten I have ever seen, with white hair and blue eyes. I’ve never seen a kitten with blue eyes before, so I know it must be very special. Please help me find it. Please?”

Her voice held that pleading tone again; the same tone that, in one fell swoop, held the power to make him abandon all his plans for the afternoon and believe with all his heart that nothing was as important at that very moment as finding a kitten possessed of white hair and blue eyes.

Click here to read more with Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature.

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