It’s Holiday Dress-Up Time!

I don’t often get the chance to dress up for an evening out, but when I do, I quite enjoy it.

I have a Christmas party to attend next week that’s one of those evenings out. A special dress, my best shoes, a sparkling necklace and some dangling earrings—I’ve already planned what I’m going to wear.

It’s on special occasions like the Christmas party, though, that I wish I had long hair. I love the look of an elegant up-do, and if my hair were longer, I’d definitely try to wear it up.

Of course, I’m very partial to the beautiful hair styles women wore during the English Regency period.

Some ladies wore their hair in relatively simple fashions, swept up into a bun, with curls framing their face:

The Ainslie Sisters, by Thomas Stewardson, 1808.

While others, who had fuller, thicker hair to work with, created hair styles that were much more intricate and complicated.

The Artist’s Wife by Carl Joseph Begas, 1828

I know that if I had long hair, I would be tempted to try styling my hair in the Regency mode, because it looks so perfect for a special night out.

Here’s a video that shows how to do it! It gives step-by-step instructions for creating a simple version of a hairstyle Elizabeth Bennet would have worn; and I have to say, it looks simple enough to do.

Readers, if your hair is longer than shoulder length, I’d love to know if you’ve ever given a Regency hairstyle a try. How did it turned out?

4 thoughts on “It’s Holiday Dress-Up Time!

  1. Wow! I wish I had long hair too but even if were long, it is so fine. I would think her arms would be tired holding them up so long and working each section of her hair like that!

    Enjoy your Christmas party and getting to dress up! I too enjoy those rare occasions!

  2. Hi Nancy, I love this hairstyle so much but the video isn’t available. Do you have an alternative link?

    • Thank you for letting me know the link was broken. It looks like the owner of the video made it private; that’s too bad because it really was a great video! I replaced the link with one to a video that shows how to do a modern take on an Elizabeth Bennet hairstyle. I hope you like it!

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