New Pinterest Board: The Brighton Pavilion

For the last few weeks I’ve been revising and editing my book Miss Hamilton’s Hero so it can be released as an e-book (it was originally published as a paperback by Zebra Books in 1999).

Original Front Cover 1997

The original 1997 cover for Miss Hamilton’s Hero.

As I was editing and rechecking facts, I was struck by how different my writing process is now. Back in the 1990s I used a big 3-ring binder to capture all my notes and research. I kept a photo album from my trip to England open on my desk so I could constantly flip through my photos of the Royal Pavilion at Brighton. And when I imagined how Rosemount (the hero’s estate) would look, I used … well, my imagination, because at the time I didn’t have an actual photo of an English manor house constructed of rose-colored stone.

Stables at Royal Pavilion by John Nash

Even the stables at the Royal Pavilion were magnificent, as seen in this illustration by John Nash.

What a difference sixteen years make! Today I use Scrivener to organize my writing and research, and Pinterest is my one-stop resource for finding and saving photos of the Royal Pavilion at Brighton. I also used Pinterest to save images of Aston Hall in Birmingham, England, which perfectly matches the way I imagined Rosemount would look.

Aston Hall from Pictures of England dot com

Aston Hall from Pinterest.

You’re invited to stop by and view my inspiration board. I hope you enjoy it! Just click here to visit Pinterest and see all the images that inspired me and fired my imagination.

Miss Hamilton’s Hero will be released on Amazon Kindle in late February 2016.

When Miss Penelope Hamilton is sent to live with her grandmother, the fashionable Mrs. Kendrick, Pen’s carriage is held up by the most wanted highwayman in all of England. But that’s just the beginning of adventure for Pen, for she soon discovers that Mrs. Kendrick’s magnificent estate is not what it seems…and neither is her serious and handsome step-son, Owen. For Owen is keeping a secret that will soon impact Pen and her grandmother, unless Pen can find a way to earn Owen’s trust … and win his heart in the process.


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